Meet the Tribe

The Ware Tribe (TWT) is a multi-family business with business by a mom and her two youngest sons. 

Meet Momager/Splatters CEO Santana

Splatters is an art studio that provides mobile paint parties, paint boxes and maternity belly art services.  The paint experience is designed to be a fun, relaxing, therapeutic and most importantly unforgettable.  The company specializes in canvas, glass and wood product painting, but also deals with crafting.

The goal of Splatters is to be a positive life-changing community organization. Splatters hopes to provide a fun celebratory environment for some and a relaxing, therapeutic environment for others. Splatters wants build relationships and work with all many local businesses and organizations to provide art therapy and allow everyone to make lasting memories.  As we know, sometimes all we have left are memories of the good times.  I believe a partnership with other businesses will be beneficial for us both.  It will allow Splatters to build positive relationships with other community organizations and you to provide fun art therapy and bring joy and happiness to those participating.

As I previously mentioned, painting which is a form of art can be therapeutic, as it provides a conduit to emotional release.  Art therapy is defined as a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  According to,  the creative process involved in artistic abilities can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.  Many may feel that they cannot paint, but its not about being a professional for art therapy to have an effect.  Art therapy affects different people differently.  It can be used as counseling for therapists, healing, treatment, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, as well as, provide indivduals with a deeper understanding of oneself.  I have always heard that different colors and the strokes of the brush can tell a lot about a persons emtotions and feelings.  It can help people express themselves, explore their emotions, manage addictions, and improve their self-esteem.  As we know several people may face depression and feel life is withering away, but the therapy of art provides relaxation and ease.   For instance, according to studies today, painting is being utilized as a means of therapy of rehabilitation for traumatized individuals, such as returning soldiers.  It’s more than just art, it’s a therapy!

Meet Chef Karter CEO, Karter, the 4-year-old aspiring Chef

Chef Karter is a 4-year-old, who absolutely loves cooking. He first showed his interest and love for cooking around the age of 2. Everything he did (and still does) involved pretending to cook. After noticing his love, we started to invest in him by first introducing him to cooking in the kitchen. He was so attentive, alert and even happier to see others excited when they tasted his food. This encouraged him even more that he began to ask to cook! This was only the beginning to pursuing his dream. 

Karter is now the proud owner of his own business, Chef Karter. He is an aspiring chef, who dreams of owning his own restaurant. Karter currently has two custom seasoning blends, “Sweet Cajun” and “The Kitchen Sink.” Besides cooking Karter enjoys fashion and helping others. He has a mission through his business called, “Just a Little Sprinkle.” He currently feeds and provides care packages to the homeless in Downtown Dallas the first Saturdays of each month.   He also has a custom chef inspired t-shirt line as well as kids and adults cookware items. 

We are so happy he loves cooking, as Karter suffers severely from asthma. He was always a big boy so we looked forward to him playing sports like other parents. But, you know sometimes health conditions don’t allow you to play and/or that’s not their love and passion. So what do you do? You watch and listen to them to allow them to use their gifts to follow their dreams and do what they love. You recognize the true meaning of Lebron's campaign “More Than an Athlete.” They can go Pro in anything. Our goal is to help Karter be a successful cook, which will allow him to become a chef and own his own restaurants. He always says, “I will be the greatest chef in the world.” Speak it until it happens son. The goal is for him to go pro in whatever he chooses because we need professionals in everything. We have our very own Professional Chef in the NCL, National Chef League!

Meet Harley’s Body Care CEO, Harley, the 3-year-old skin care creator

Harley is a 3-year-old with a wild and fun personality, whose smiles is heartwarming. He loves everything on the edge, lol. He has a love for building and creating things.

Harley has a need-based business created because of his eczema skin issues. All of his siblings have had eczema issues but his has always been the absolute worst. His parents have used medicines, topical ointment, any kind of sensitive skin soaps and lotions, you name it. Nothing really worked... it was only temporary relief, he would have outbreak after outbreak. It started to bump his skin and cause black spots. After years of research, we decided to create his own skin care line to give him the relief he needs.

Currently, Harley’s Body Care has soaps, body butters, and scrubs all handmade. These products are the perfect managers for skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.