Say YES to Chef Karter's Seasonings

Say YES to Chef Karter's Seasonings

When we entered in the lab (the kitchen, of course that's where all the Chef stuff happens) to create these custom-blended seasonings we had two goals in mind: 1) To create seasonings that tastes good and 2) To create seasonings that are healthy.  Karter always talks about how he loves his seasonings because it makes the food taste good and he's absolutely right.  The seasonings are what gives food flavor, adds personality and makes us crave it. I mean we devour food with our eyes before we ever taste it. If we can see the seasonings, we already expect it to be good right?! LOL! You know it’s true! If we see it, we can imagine the taste. I absolutely love good seasonings and I know you do too! I can honestly say if you haven’t tried Chef Karter's Sweet Cajun and The Kitchen Sink, you should. 

Take a moment and think about why you continue to purchase your favorite seasonings? I bet its because it tastes good.  Am I right? What if we could offer you a seasoning that not only tastes good, but it is fresh (not in a warehouse for months), healthy and to top it off, it tastes good.  I have the answer.  Chef Karter's seasonings look appetizing, taste flavorful, healthy, low in sodium, gluten-free, no MSG and most importantly the seasonings are the business investment for a 4-year-old aspiring chef. Say YES to Chef Karter's Seasonings!!! The seasonings were created with customers in mind and to invest in a dream of a little boy who was born to cook! Check out Chef Karter's seasonings at

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  • Willie & Clara Ware

    When you see the last name, you know that we’re chef Karter’s grandparents. We’re posting truths, not posting just because he’s ours. Before beginning to use Chef Karter’s seasoning, my husband & I had blood pressure off the charts. We were put on extra blood pressure meds. We had to take our b/p 2/3 times a day to turn in. Since using, we have b/p that are 140/80 sum or 130/85. No joke! I urge all who see the ads or hear someone mention The Kitchen Sink & Sweet Cajun-you better get you some. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Keep stocked before it runs out.

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